This site is here to promote the sport of Dog Weight Pulling in Alaska.

Our goal is to create a place to post results, pictures and other information in regards to dog weight pulling.

Weight pulling is a dog sport involving a dog pulling a cart or sled loaded with weight a short distance across grass, carpet, or snow. Many breeds participate in this sport, with dogs being separated into classes by weight. The dog is hitched to the sled with a specially constructed harness designed to spread the weight and minimize the chance of injury.

Dog weight pulling competitions are sanctioned by various non-profit organizations.
Please visit our akweightpulling Yahoo Group and AK9WPA Facebook page for forum type discussions.

Check out results under the Upcoming Events link at the bottom of the page.

Practice pulls start the 4th Saturday in Apr and continue until the next winter weight pull season.

Keep checking this site for upcoming events as they become available.  Who knows there may be a couple summer pulls.

Thank you to all the sponsors of this years events, and congratulations to all the competitors for coming out.

Check out the links below, videos by Nicole Stark.  Thank you Nicole!